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  • Winds Of Change, Tom Nan Clach Windfarm Fund is run by the undernoted (listed and pictured) elected trustees.  They each have many years of community experience within the local area.


  • Lynne McSherry, Treasurer

  • Jenifer Walker, Secretary

  • Margaret Robertson, Chair

  • Stevie Webster, Trustee

  • Douglas Fraser, Trustee

The Trustees’ aim is to support projects that make a difference to life in the local community.  They will endeavour to invest a reserve from the fund each year in order to try and keep the benefits going for longer than the initial 25 years of expected income. 

All members of C&WNCBO (The Cawdor & West Nairnshire Community Benefit Organisation) are eligible to become Trustees.  Membership of C&WNCBO is open to any individual over the age of 16 whose primary residence is in the Cawdor & West Nairnshire Community Council area. For details on how to become a member please go to the Frequently Asked Questions page.

The Constitution is available here.

Contact us here.


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