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 The annual general meeting will be held in the Cawdor Tavern on the 6th of February 2024. To which

 all members are invited.

 Winds Of Change, Tom Nan Clach Windfarm Fund is run by the undernoted elected trustees.  They

 each have many years of community experience within the local area.


  • Margaret Robertson, Chair

  • Robin Pope, Vice Chair

  • Jenifer Walker, Secretary

  • James Wallace, Treasurer

  • Lynne McSherry, Interim Treasurer

  • Stevie Webster, Trustee

  • Douglas Fraser, Trustee

The Trustees’ aim is to support projects that make a difference to life in the local community.  They will endeavour to invest a reserve from the fund each year in order to try and keep the benefits going for longer than the initial 25 years of expected income. 

All members of C&WNCBO (The Cawdor & West Nairnshire Community Benefit Organisation) are eligible to become Trustees.  Membership of C&WNCBO is open to any individual over the age of 16 whose primary residence is in the Cawdor & West Nairnshire Community Council area. For details on how to become a member please go to the Frequently Asked Questions page.

The Constitution is available here.

Contact us here.


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