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Funding has been targeted the following developments in Cawdor Primary School:

  • A range of equipment to enhance the experience of science education for our children in the middle/ upper primary school.

  • A range of equipment to enhance the experience of learning about food for all of our children.

  • MIDAS training for one of our parents to become a minibus driver with Nairn Community Transport.

  • A bus for our P5-P7 children to attend the ‘Once Upon a Tune’ performance at Eden Court which was delivered by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

  • Learning about the rich biodiversity in Cawdor for which we own pond dipping equipment to allow us to plan for these experiences for all children throughout the year.

  • We part-funded the transport for our children in our Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) and P1 engage with the Easter Nairn Free Church Community Engagement.

  • We funded the bus for our P2-P7 representatives to attend the McRobert Cup in Inverness.

James Cook, Head Teacher, Cawdor Primary School


Cawdor Bowling Club is a long established organisation that provides lawn bowling and social facilities for the community of Cawdor and the surrounding area. We would like to thank the Winds of Change for their recent support in funding the replacement of our aging green maintenance equipment. With a grant of £9,625.68 we were able to purchase a new multi-function lawn mower and various attachments. This has made an enormous difference to the maintenance regime and to the quality of the green. These improvements have been embraced by the local community and as such we are seeing more participation and an increase in our membership. Thank you, Winds of Change, for your support.
Cawdor Bowling Club



During Covid we provided all plants for Cawdor Village, giving much needed colour at that difficult time. Fortunately we received money from Winds Of Change in April 2021, July 2021, Feb 2022 & July 2022, allowing us to purchase plants, barrels & shrubs to enhance the beauty of Cawdor.  Cawdor Estate kindly provided a tap at The Fountain & Jenifer Walker allows us to use her outside tap. At present we carry water for Old School tubs but have been offered an alternative. We are very grateful to other village residents for help & have recently been offered help by a member of the community who lives out with the village. Any further help is very much appreciated.

Sandy & Jean Ford

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